Project 1: Flier




  • Description:  Black and white flier to help promote a Graduate Leadership Conference.


  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):  As I started this project I began with making four different sketches for a flier. I decided to incorporate elements from the four sketches. When I started to make it in InDesign I started by putting out the main image of woman. Then I put my body copy on there. I placed the logo as well and the title. After that I just arranged them in the places they looked the best. After I set everything I changed the fonts, and made things bold. Once everything was laid out I decided there was too much empty space so I thought of making the honeycomb design to add color and more elements to the flier. I decided I didn’t want them plain white so I adjusted the value on the hexagons that I made with the shape tool choosing the hexagon. I took it to get it critiqued by some fellow classmates and then I enhanced the image according to the comments from my classmates. In the end I have a flier that has good flow from top to bottom. The honeycomb design help lead into the next areas of the flier. They also help frame the title and the date/time/place.  Another thing is that they are a great element that adds repetition to the flier. The gestalt in the image works great!


  • Message: The message of the flier is that graduating students can receive valuable information on how to be better leaders. It’s to give them a little info on what they will be learning and to come to the Leadership Conference.


  • Audience: My audience are senior students who are graduating, which can range between the ages of mid-twenties to late twenties.


  • Top Thing Learned: I learned the importance of proximity, contrast, and gestalt.


  • Title Font Name & Category:  Avenir Next. It is a Sans Serif slab font.


  • Copy Font Name & Category:  Quattrocento Roman. It is an Oldstyle Serif font. (Logo Image)




7 thoughts on “Project 1: Flier

  1. Hey Helaman! I really like your flier. One of the things that I like the most is the white space, I think is beautiful. Also the shaes that you used in different tones of gray is amazing. I think that it depicts the information really good and it is very inviitng to read. I really think you did a great job creating this design. I will leave you with a link to my blog!

  2. Cool use of the hexagon shape! I like the gradient and how you repeated that shape at the top and bottom of the flier. I think it helps with the use of white space. It just looks really clean and clutter free. Your project is very aesthetic and keeps the eye moving. Good job with the subtle alignment in the title. Nice job very unique.

  3. I really like this design. I love the use of the hexagon to create a new shape. The use of shading too is a great idea. It draws the eyes inward towards the text.

  4. Good design. I like the usage of the honeycomb pattern, it adds to the repetition of the design. The different shades of gray used in the pattern helps create a nice visual effect. I personally am a fan of simple designs. I like how everything is straight forward in the design; this helps convey a message.

  5. I really love the interesting shapes used in this project. The hexagons add visual interest and create flow down the page. The gradient from light to dark also adds some contrast to the image. I really like how the title slides down the page and the shapes wrap around it.

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