Project 3: Photography

Outdoor Lighting
Indoor Lighting
Focus on Foreground
Focus on Background
Rule of Thirds
Lead Room


I took these images in various locations around Brigham Young University ~ Idaho. I took these around and in the Spori building. I had to adjust the focus for the various images to set the focus on my subject. I had to adjust my settings like ISO, F Stop, Exposure, and my points of focus. Composing the shots was relatively simple, some images took more time to set up than others – such as the “Rule of Thirds” image.

After taking my images I then went into Adobe Photoshop. I uploaded all my images. I edited the exposure, contrast, brightness, and the saturation on the images accordingly. Afterwards I flattened the layers, and set my images to the proper size (since they were large files shot in RAW format).


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