Project 5: Logos



Description: This is a Logo design for my photography business. The top one is the original. The middle one is a greyscale of the first and the last one is a white version on a flat color background.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): First I looked up some designs made by people on the web. I really liked the concept of the shutter icon. So I found a good image and inserted it into Adobe Illustrator. I then traced it. I made the appropriate shapes using the pen tool. After I made one of the triangles of the shutter I just duplicated it 5 more times. I then found a nice font and put my name and “Photography” at the bottom. I made sure I had good alignment and gestalt in the Logo.

Message: The message of the logo is the brand of my photography and design business.

Audience: My audience is anyone that wants to hire a photographer for almost any occasion. The general public, maybe ages around 15-35.

Top Thing Learned: The top things I learned was how useful vectors can be in designing images in Adobe Illustrator. I also learned about choosing a color scheme that goes with the font and is attractive to the eye.

Color Scheme and Color Names: Teal, Monochromatic color scheme.

Title / Body Font Names & Categories: Dolce Vita, Slab Sans Serif font.



4 thoughts on “Project 5: Logos

  1. Great job on your logos Helaman! I really like the way your logos look like a camera lens. It displays your logo is clearly a photography business. I also love the color schemes you chose for your project. This logo design is one of my favorite that I’ve seen. Keep up the great work Helaman! I will be interested to see some of your photography now!

    Check out more cool logos at

  2. Hey, nice design! I really like the variation of blue in the aperture design. It appears to be very professional and such a simple design. I also like that it’s for a photography company which I’m assuming you have. The font choices were awesome. I also think the design did really well in white on a colored background. Keep up the good work! Here is a link to Gerardo Sumano’s design. I thought the Swordfish here was just stellar.

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