Past Photos – Looking over some memories…

965575_510419802357732_535899232_oMy name is Helaman. Welcome and warm greetings to you my wonderful readers! I am a person of many passions (I don’t like calling them hobbies because I love them more than just a hobby). Among those passions are Photography and image editing. I love being able to create new works of art, whether they are photos or images I create from scratch.

I have a little over ten years of photography experience and a little over five for editing images. I am studying Advertising at Brigham Young University – Idaho and I can’t wait to start using the skills I’ve carefully developed to good use in working for a business or agency to create for them. I think art is important and we need more of its good forms in this world to inspire, and encourage some positivity for a change.


I would like to see about inspiring you all of the beauty there is around us. These are past photos that I have taken. Some are from when I was just beginning photography on a digital point-and- shoot camera, others are images I have photographed within the recent years on more professional equipment. I hope you can all enjoy it and be able to catch a glimpse of the world as I see it.




A honey bee on a flower of a beautiful purple shade. Edit: Contrast. Brightness. Shadow lightening.


Cowboy riding a horse at the Madison County Fair. Edit: N/A.


Another cowboy at the Madison County Fair. I liked that I got the horse in mid-air. Edit: N/A


This one is another cowboy, this time on a bull. This person is actually not even 20. Lots of courage! Edit: N/A


This cowgirl was moving fast! She was in the barrel riding competition of the county fair. The goal is to ride the horse down, around two barrels and back. Edit: Brightness. Shadow lightening.


Another cowboy (last one, I promise), he wasn’t even a legal adult yet. I call this beauty, “The Hovering Cowboy”. Edit: N/A


This was a little performance that was part of the New Shanghai Circus show. They tossed hats everywhere and did flips and spins. Edit: Brightness. Contrast.


This was taken in the Civil Defense Caves in Idaho. We went to do some light painting and fire breathing. A group of people who were there before us had lit a fire and made smoke throughout the cave. Although our lungs were dying it made all of our pictures have a neat glow effect. Edit: Brightness. Contrast.


I was taking pictures for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was taking pictures specifically for the Ensign magazine that they publish. This was during the April General Conference of 2016. This little girl and her dad caught my attention and she was looking right past me, she should be a model or something. Edit: Saturation.


This is a wolf I saw in Yellowstone National Park. He was hunting something under the snow. I have pictures of him sitting, digging and with its head buried in the snow. Edit: N/A.


Caught these two buffalo (or bison, whatever you prefer) fighting in Yellow Stone National Park. Had to get out of the car to get close enough. What’s life without a little risk? Edit: Brightness. Shadow brightening. Contrast. Highlights.


This big fella was walking right next to our car. The sun was at his back so it made for a good shot, not only that but he looked right at the camera for a pose. Edit: Brightness. Contrast. Shadow lightening. Highlights. Exposure.


Took this long exposure at the St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho. It was a warm night and we had a little bonfire with some hotdogs and some s’mores. A car passed by in the back. Edit: Brightness. Exposure.


This is probably my favorite of all my photographs. I took this around the age of 13. I was using the first camera I had ever bought, a Nikon Coolpix s6400. I put it on manual and put in my settings and in the first shot I got this. It was a mountain range somewhere in either Montana or Wyoming. We were driving from Rexburg, ID to Chicago, IL.

Edit: N/A


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