Motion – Freeze and Blur



1.24.2017 – 10:48PM

Living Room, 135mm,  f/25, Shutter Speed 3.2, Canon Rebel T5i, With Tripod



Forward Jump

1.24.2017 – 11:10PM

Living Room, 24 mm,  f/4.0, Shutter Speed 1/20, Canon Rebel T5i, With Tripod



Still Jump

1.24.2017 – 11:48PM

Living Room, 18mm,  f/3.5, Shutter Speed 1/250, Canon Rebel T5i, With Tripod



Hair Flip

1.24.2017 – 11:42PM

Kitchen, 50mm,  f/1.4, Shutter Speed 1/200

Canon Rebel T5i

Process: I set up for my first image with a spotlight lamp to light up the controller. I measured how far I had to zoom in the lens and how far in I had to stop so that I wouldn’t get anything other than the controller and the backdrop. I took the picture and as I waited for the shutter to end, I zoomed into three different spots to get the effect I acquired. For the other images, it was as simple as getting the model to jump in the right direction and at the right angles and to have the right settings as I did that. I took them into Adobe bridge and edited mainly just the brightness and some of the contrast and shadows of the images to make them as clear as I could. After that I just resized and uploaded them onto my blog.


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