Perspective of 12 – Theme: The Burg






Removing the shake from the cup that you mix the shake in.



The bell rung for orders ready to be served.




Putting in cookie crumbs into the cup to mix into the shake.




Light bulbs that were strung across the ceiling on the second floor dining room.




The mixed shake was too much for the cup so it fell onto the counter.




The supply of Nutella for shakes.




The concept of this project is to take 12 different images (using different angles) of a theme or a subject. I decided on the theme: The Burg. The Burg is a local hamburger joint in Rexburg, Idaho. I took pictures of things that are behind the front counter and some of an employee making a milkshake (which they’re famous for that I can testify that they are delicious). The image right above this text is a texture that was used and blended into the last photo which is that of the bucket of Nutella. I decided to be very subtle with it. I started first by opening my image in Photoshop. Then, I dragged in my texture that I downloaded from After that, I made a new mask layer and then I hit the shortcut key B for the masking brush. I made sure that the color was set to black so that it could hide the texture. I went over the image multiple times with different opacities on the brush to fade the picture out. I used the brush mainly on the bottom right corner of the image, and the center, and made sure to make it part of the wall (which is on the top right to the bottom left). After all this, I just saved it as a jpeg to be able to upload it to WordPress.









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