Gold Reflector

This photo was taken using a gold colored reflector. The reflector was on my left as I took this picture. I placed two, 60 LED lights on a light stand on my right to bounce it off the reflector.





Key & Fill Light

For this photo I had the model sit on a chair. My assistant was on my right holding the reflector a bit below the model’s chin line. I used a Speedlight flash that was attached to my camera (Canon EOS Rebel T5i).




Silver Reflector

This photo was taken by using a silver reflector on my right side. There was a lot of light hitting the back of the model, so to make sure her face was visible I put the exposure a little lower so that it wouldn’t be too harsh. I think it came out pretty soft.





No Reflector

This picture was taken right after the one before this one to demonstrate what the photo would look like without the reflector. Her face is still visible but not lightened enough. Using a reflector saved me a lot of trouble editing.

Reflectors are a wonderful tool to use, especially in portrait photography. Light is a very important in all of photography. There are reflectors to make skin look golden, lightened, and soft. There are many techniques for using reflectors. In this post, I only demonstrated three. All the editing was done in Adobe Bridge, mainly just lightening the images slightly (exposure, shadows) and increasing contrast where necessary.


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