Portraits & Enhancements







Side Composition




Full Body




Head and Shoulders


Two or more people interacting candidly



Two or more people, posing.


 Individual or group in their natural work environment.


Portrait Enhancements

I took pictures of the models at around golden hour (and a little after). I used a light stand and a reflector to help keep the light in the image. I took all the images into Adobe Bridge and I made them lighter in shadows, exposure, and in whites. I also increased the contrast in the images. I took these images into Adobe Photoshop and changed some of the more detailed parts of the images, namely being the colors in the photos. After editing on Photoshop, I exported all of my images into .JPG format so that I could upload them onto WordPress. I used a Speedlight for the very last image. For the last image, I also used a feathering tool to make some facial blemishes go away.


3 thoughts on “Portraits & Enhancements

  1. That first photo is just glorious 🙂 I love the edge highlights on her hair and the lens flair. What mm length was your head and shoulder shot on? It looks a bit distorted, so I recommended a longer focal length if it was short, at least 50. Nice work though overall. I especially like your first and last photos.

    I really like your dark photos with the selective lighting on different parts of the person. I wonder if the first one could be enhanced with a little more light, but to me they are by far the most interesting to look at. I really like the composition in the first dark photo especially. I like the way she’s looking up and how one side is lit up. Nice work.

    Also check out my blog: https://esplinclass1.wordpress.com/2017/02/15/portraits/
    Also check out this blog: https://artsmart123.wordpress.com/2017/02/15/portraits-enhancements/

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