Macro Photography: Close Up & Personal


Macro photography is a newly discovered love for me in photo. I was only going to post 4 photos but I loved these too much to not show them to the world.

When doing macro photography be sure to use a tripod, a zoom lens, and macro tubes or macro filters. I used a macro filter for all of these shots. If you are going to try doing macro photography with water droplets use a water dropper. It is easier to place water drops than to spray the object. When using the spray bottle I struggled maintaining the water droplets because they would het to heavy and run down the flower petals, or simply fall off.

Steel Wool Macro shots

The first three photos are of a nickel-sized amount of steel wool. I lit it up with a lighter and used a small fan (the kind you can connect to your phone) to be able to control the spread of the sparks. At my first try, the steel wool blew away from the shot. On the second try I fixed the problem with place a penny on the inside of the wool. It gave the wool a nice shine and most importantly it stayed in the frame. For these photos I just lightened the shadows, put exposure down, and adjusted the contrast.















Water Droplets on the Succulent

The following three pictures were simply water drops on a leaf of a small succulent. Nothing special… to make the photos a bit more interesting I placed different objects in the back. The first was a box of tart Valentine’s day candies. The second, I placed my digital camera (note the lens/shutter cover is seen). Finally, the third shot was a lighter. The lighter shot was a bit difficult to do. I couldn’t manage to get the flame clearer in the water droplet because an assistant was helping me with holding up the lighter. Sadly, there was a lot of shake. All these shots required some dimming of the shadows, lightening of exposure, and a small adjustment of contrast.













Pink, Purple, White and the Budding Flowers

For the rest of the floral shots I simply used a bottle with a spray attachment nozzle. I sprayed some water on the flower and waited for the right amount to gather to form a water droplet. These photos required some contrast adjustment, the saturation was adjusted as well. Shadows were put down a bit and so was the black. The exposure was raised lightly. For the actual falling water droplet in the last photo, I had to increase my shutter speed very high. Because of this the light went down, luckily that photo was taken by a window with strong sunlight coming through. My shutter speed wasn’t fast enough which is why the droplet looks blurry. It takes multiple tries, discipline, patience and a lot of water to take a good falling droplet.

























4 thoughts on “Macro Photography: Close Up & Personal

  1. Helaman, how is it possible that I haven’t seen your blog yet? You did dang good on your macros, I especially like the picture with the water droplet dripping off the white flower in the last picture. I’m also so impressed by how crisp and clean your photos are. Keep up the good work, you’re doing amazing!

    Feel free to check out my blog-

    Jentrie also did a killer job!

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