Bannack Best: Portrait Photography





Auxiliary – Westcott Apollo Orb



Ambient Light



Ambient Light




Auxiliary – Speedlight with Flashbender



Auxiliary – Speedlight with Flashbender

On February 24th, 2017 I went to Bannack, Montana. Bannack is an old ghost town. There were models that went as well, so I took some portrait shots. Different lighting was used during the day. Mainly Speedlight’s that had flash-benders attached to them so that the light wouldn’t be too harsh.

When taking portrait photography try to use interesting angles that compliment your model’s features. (Especially their faces). Try to get strong focus and clarity in your shots as well by using auxiliary lighting or a reflector if you only have the light outside.

Most of the editing involved adjusting the brightness, the shadows, and the exposure. The one of the native American required liquefying the corner, some parts of the blanket and changing the color of the background from a lighter color to a darker one and adding some shadow to the corners. I attached a thumbnail of the original.


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