Bannack Best: Creative Photography



Abstract Photo




Commercial Photo




Conceptual Photo




“Ghosting” Photo




Levitation Photo

img_6439 img_6445

This is my creative photography from the trip I took to Bannack Ghost Town on February 24th, 2017. I took five different types of creative photos. The photo of the soap is an example of commercial photography. I inserted the text onto the photo in Adobe Photoshop and got the color from the dropper tool from the white parts of the soap’s wrapping.

My conceptual shot is supposed to be humorous. It’s supposed to be the husband of the women looking in shock/fear of how much his wife weighs.

To do the ghost shot, I had my subject stand in her position for about a second before signaling her to move in a 4-second exposure shot. The result is a trail of her movements.

Lastly is the levitation photo. For this photo, I had to take a shot of the room being empty. Then another shot of my model on a chair (with an assistant helping him stay up). The chair serves to lift the model off the ground. I took the first “empty” photo into Adobe Photoshop and then I placed the photo with the model on the chair with the assistant on top. I then made a masking layer and hid away the chair and the assistant to come up with the “levitation” photo. Using a tripod for levitation photography is essential.


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