Theme Photography: Within the Piano











































This is my themed photography blog post. The theme of these photos are the internal parts of a piano. This piano was sitting in the saloon found in Bannock, Montana, the ghost town.

I wanted to really capture what this piano was; its age, its look, and the time that it came from.

I had to take apart some of the covers of the piano that were hiding the internal parts.

I used a dimmable LED light so that I could get a good exposure on the inside where it was dark. I took all of these photos into Adobe Bridge and Photoshop and edited them. Most of the edits included raising the exposure, lightening some of the shadows, and increasing the contrast to make colors look appealing. I put all these photos into Photoshop and added my logo that I created in Adobe Illustrator. Next, I exported them as jpegs so that they could be uploadable.

For the cover page, I used a stylus and a touch pad and wrote out my name on Adobe Photoshop using the pencil tool. I then lowered the opacity and changed the color to a lighter one.



Title Page: Dolce Vita, Sans Serif

Quotes: Anglecia Pro Display Regular, Oldstyle

Names: Museo Sans Cyrl 50, Slab Sans Serif

My name was handwritten by me.


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