TOP 5: Fine Art














These are the top five images I believe I’ve taken this year so far. I love these photos because they were some of my favorite to take. The first one was of a piano that was in the saloon found in the ghost town of Bannock, Montana. The second was of some cabins I saw in Bannock. I think they looked perfect with all the snow. The third was of a model that was in Bannock. I actually had to get on my belly on the old, dusty wooden floor to get the right angle for the picture. The third one was fun to take because it was one of my first pictures in macro photography. I loved seeing how the details came out and how the water droplets look. The last one was another macro shot I took. I loved using the idea of taking a picture of steel wool as it was lit. I really love the little sparks above it. They look like little fireworks, and best of all they were completely natural. I didn’t have to photoshop them into the picture.


What do you think? Are these my best pictures on my blog? Which one’s do you like?






One thought on “TOP 5: Fine Art

  1. I love the photo that you took of the indian. I think it was an excellent composition and pose. I also loved how well you darkened the outsides and bottom so that the focus was very much on her face and the middle of her. To make it even better, I would sharpen her face a little bit. Other than that, I think it looks amazing! Great job on all your pics though, they turned out amazing!

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