Fine Art Print: Pride


This is my fine art print photo. I loved this photo the most out of all the ones I took at Bannack, so I chose it to be printed. In this photo I used an auxiliary light, a Westcott Apollo Orb. In the thumbnail you can see the original photo. I mainly lightened the shadows so that the details of the boots and the baby “holder” could be seen better. The colors were changed a bit so that it could be a nicer hue that didn’t look so muddy. I straightened the image since it was taken slanted because I was on the floor with my belly down.

To prepare the photo for printing I had to make sure the picture had enough pixels so that it wouldn’t look pixelated when sized for a 16×24 in. print. I also had to make sure that I saved it in 300 ppi with maximum photo quality. I had to lighten the image A LOT because when you print a photo, it will come out a lot darker. It came out pretty well.

Watch my video and give it a like on YouTube for some more information and some details I didn’t mention here.





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