Conceptual Photography






For this project, I worked on conceptual photography. I wanted to incorporate the words truck, reflect, resolute, night, and light. First I made some sketches of what I would like the photo to look like. The first is a sketch of a person holding up a body mirror, and in the mirror, there is a reflection of a truck. The picture would be able to show some of the stars as well.

In the second sketch, it is simply a body mirror standing upright with the reflection of the truck and with the stars visible.

The third image is my final product. A body mirror wasn’t big enough to contain the truck within its reflection. So, instead, I set the body mirror on the bumper of the truck. I adjusted it so that it could reflect back the image of steel wool being burned in a long exposure. I was able to get the stars as well, and the truck was lit up by a LED auxiliary light.

After taking the photo, I took it into Adobe Bridge and raised the highlights and made the blacks a little lighter since I needed to make it so for a print. Since the print prints darker, I made it a little lighter to compensate. I decreased the shadows and increased the contrast to make the image clearer.

There is the resolute truck, a reflection, in the night, lit up by light.



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