My Photobook



Click here to view my photobook.

To create this photobook I used Adobe InDesign. I made spreads that were sized for the actual pages of the photobook. Depending what company you use to publish yours, the page sizes ould be different. For my photobook, I chose to use MyPublisher. Sadly, MyPublisher will be stopping their services on May 8, 2017. (Use this to your benefit, they are having really great offers right now at extremely discounted prices) After placing my images and creating my body copy on some pages, I then exported every individual page as a JPG file. I then went into MyPublisher and just imported my JPG’s, and “drag-and-dropped” them into their appropriate pages. It took about a week for my photobook to arrive in the mail. An important tip, make sure to lighten your images because when printed they will appear much darker.

This is my photobook. It has been a work in the making for the last 4 months. It includes photos from all of my design photography blogs from this year. It was a fun adventure and a wonderful learning experience. I enjoyed taking many of these photos. Among them would be the Bannack Portraits and my past photos. Some of these projects took more effort than others, but I will remember the moment I took them. Especially how I felt when I saw them in post. After weeks of different shoots and concepts and types of photography – this is the compilation of it all.

Thank you for reading along and learning with me.


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