Professional Presentations

Familiar To Strange Speech

Familiar – taking out the trash.
Strange – treasure getting taken to the land of treasure.

Intro – In a strange land there was a species called the Dra’Kans and today I will share about one of the Dra’Kans rituals.

Body –

Main pt.1 – describe how the Dra’Kans during the week collect Treasures some of the objects will be paper food and cans from sodas.

Main pt.2 – After about a week of accumulating the valuables they put them in containers and sacks. Sometimes the sacks break that they have to put it all into new ones and then they put it into the family units’ treasure chest.

Main pt.3 – Treasure chests contents get taken by a vehicle pretty much the garbage truck, to the land of treasure. It flies it over and it dumps everything there and then the treasures are forgotten. There’s so much accumulated now that they are killing their planet.

Conclusion is to make it seem that all the treasures are actually sculptures, rare foods that they find valuable are just leftovers and the cans are just resistant to the acid that they put in that they drink, which is soda. The big flying vehicles are garbage trucks and the land of treasure is the dump.